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About Via Michelle!

For 40 years, the Michelle Danielle Skincare & Makeup Brand has been fortifying the faces of Westchester women. The trusted skincare & makeup studio in the vibrant town of Mt. Kisco, NY, located less than an hour from New York City, features the complete line of time-honored and vigilantly-tested beauty products endorsed by both dermatologists and generations of discerning women. Michelle, known for her compassionate consultations for women of all ages seeking beauty and make-up expertise, come to Via Michelle for a virtual facelift. Whether for a wedding bridal party, a blind date, a business speaking engagement, chemo skin complications, scar masking, post-surgical skincare or preventive strategies for aging skin, Michelle and her keenly-trained staff help you face the world with your best complexion. Not to mention a rejuvenated psyche. “In a world of quick-fix beauty, we take a comprehensive view: to listen, learn and lavish a customized look that nourishes each face and its unique facets,” explains Michelle. Visit Via Michelle for an about face, and take a tour of the best price-conscious jewelry, handbags, scarves, gifts, and accessories that will make you feel like the best you!

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